Ann Romney, Sterling Nielsen, and Jay Francis to be Recognized as the 2018 Titan Award Honorees by the Sandy Area Chamber of Commerce

by admin Mar 28, 2018

The Sandy Area Chamber of Commerce is proud to announce the 2018 Titan Award Honorees. This award recognizes leaders in the community that have set themselves apart, not because of their titles and positions, but for the way they lift and inspire others. Ann Romney, Best Selling Author and Global Ambassador for the Ann Romney...

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Roadmap to Entrepreneurial Success

by admin Mar 27, 2018

An article written by Kris, Rudarmel, co-owner of Anchor Water Damage & Restoration was featured in the R and R Magazine called Roadmap to Entrepreneurial Success. Kris shares some personal experiences that have helped her company find great success. She talks about establishing your core values and then having the courage to stay aligned with...

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11 Underrated Business Books That Should Be On Your Bookshelf

by admin Mar 13, 2018

Article provided by Inc. To read the original article click here. As entrepreneurs, we are always searching for something to give us an edge over the competition. Whether it is having the best employees, finding the best software programs, taking the best online courses, or even living in the best location, we'll do anything if we think it will make...

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