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Baker Tile Inc. – Member Spotlight

Author: South Valley Chamber
Published: March 12, 2019

Baker Tile Inc. in West Jordan, Utah, has been around for almost 30 years. Stephen Baker – a California native – began the company on the West coast and moved the company to Utah in 1994.

Before the company started Steve tells a story of how he and his neighbor went to get pizza for lunch and had a discussion about tile jobs this neighbor needed help with. Later that day, Steve’s neighbor came to his front door and said, “You’re coming to work with me tomorrow.” Steve obtained the learning experience he needed and established his own company in 1990.

Baker Tile, is located in West Jordan and has grown to have 35 employees. Once the company hit 12 employees, Steve stopped working on-site so he could take care of other responsibilities to keep the wheels rolling. “I’d have mortar on my hands and my phone would be ringing in my pocket.” Steve felt like the time had come to start working the company from an overseeing perspective. “I like walking into a building that’s going to have tile laid…and being able to plan out what my employees will work on…that gets me excited.”

A typical day in the life involves visiting job sites to make sure things are prepared and ready to go. In addition, Steve establishes payroll, takes payment for jobs, runs the commercial crew, schedules jobs and really steps in wherever it is most beneficial for the company.

I asked Steve, “What’s the best part of the job?” He said he enjoys the flexibility of creating his own schedule. It’s not abnormal for him to only stop by the office one time every couple of days because he’s out overseeing job sites. “I have flexibility and no one wonders if I’m dead while I’m gone.” Although he enjoys the flexibility, Steve tells me, “I don’t like the paperwork.”

Baker has been successful among friends, in the community working with contractors, and working with larger companies such as Lowe’s and Home Depot. The company is at a point that Baker Inc. feels comfortable not advertising, but addresses the community by word of mouth, referrals and previous clients. “We’ll have people call in…we’re always happy to go take care of a bid.”

Baker Tile Inc. company is very professional in their work and enjoys serving the community. To learn more visit their website www.bakertile.com.

Article written by Nate Williams, an intern at the Sandy Area Chamber of Commerce