How to Organize Your Office Space for Productivity

by admin Sep 17, 2019

Productivity = the rate of output per unit of input. Your output rate can be easily hampered by all kinds of distractions. Managing those things that tend to sidetrack you will help increase your productivity.   CLEAR YOUR DESK   Take a good look at your office space. Then, take a “before” photo and study...

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Code Ninjas: Building the Next Generation of Coders

by admin Sep 10, 2019

Code Ninjas is a center for kids ages 7-14 to learn coding and robotics with a fun video game building curriculum. Their ninjas move from white to black belt as they gain programming skills and the goal is to take kids from consumers to innovators in technology, all while developing critical thinking, math, logic, and...

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Meili Myles – Restaurant Owner and Graduate

by admin Sep 03, 2019

Meili Myles is the owner of BGR – a gourmet burger restaurant in the heart of Sugarhouse. She also graduated from the KeyBank Business Accelerator Academy. We sat down with her to hear what she had to say about being a business owner and her experience in the academy. *This interview has been edited for brevity...

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Sandy Area Chamber of Commerce Announces New Partnerships and New Name

by admin Aug 13, 2019

Sandy, UT – August 13, 2019 – The Sandy Area Chamber announced today new partnerships with Draper City and Riverton City. They are also changing their name to South Valley Chamber to better reflect their regional presence. For the past several years the Chamber has operated more as a regional chamber with 40% of their...

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5 Tips For Buying or Selling Your Home

by admin Aug 06, 2019

When buying or selling a home, there can be a lot of ups and downs as far as the market is concerned. But there is also the idea that people can do it themselves, only to find out later that there are a lot of runarounds and things unaccounted for that makes the process exhausting...

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Explore Peru: Member Spotlight

by admin Jul 09, 2019

To say “Experience of a Lifetime” fits the description well. If you’ve ever traveled far from home, you know firsthand that different countries carry a different culture. Along with that, finding a tour guide that speaks not only your language, but the native language can be a difficult task. Explore Peru is an organization established...

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Member Spotlight: Peak Performance

by admin Jun 25, 2019

When it comes to gaining an outside perspective, Peak Performance, located in Sandy, UT., is a one-of-a-kind experience to help individuals, leaders and organizations reach their potential and achieve success. Peak Performance works with clients to develop and achieve goals and make a difference in their lives, organization and with others. Trigena Halley is the...

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Weekly Round-Up: June Edition

by admin Jun 04, 2019

We scoured the internet to find our three favorite articles of the week. Check out these tips and bits of inspiration to help you with your business. HOW TO DEAL WITH BUSINESS FAILURE Utah Business Magazine SUMMARY Your worst professional nightmare has happened. You swung for the fences, and the business dream failed. But you...

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Bree Maquillage: Member Spotlight

by admin May 28, 2019

Bree Maquillage is a make-up studio and located in Sandy, UT. They do makeup for weddings, events, photoshoots, or editorial fashion makeup. They also sell makeup, skincare, accessories and jewelry. We had the chance to chat with Brianna Harris, owner of the company, to learn more about her experience as a business owner. What have...

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Momentum Climbing | An Athlete’s Paradise

by admin May 20, 2019

Momentum Indoor Climbing gym in Sandy, UT is a world-class indoor climbing facility. “If you’ve ever climbed before, you know what that experience is like,” says Devin Ashby, a rock climber and General Manager of Momentum. “We are more than just [a] climbing [gym],” says Ashby. Fitness and training is what Momentum does best and...

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