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Bree Maquillage: Member Spotlight

Author: South Valley Chamber
Published: May 28, 2019

Bree Maquillage is a make-up studio and located in Sandy, UT. They do makeup for weddings, events, photoshoots, or editorial fashion makeup. They also sell makeup, skincare, accessories, and jewelry. We had the chance to chat with Brianna Harris, owner of the company, to learn more about her experience as a business owner.

What have you learned as a small business owner?
So much! The thing I am most proud of learning is how to stand my ground and to be strong when people in the business world want to talk down to me for being young and female in this space.

How did you go about starting the business? What year did you begin the business?
I wrote everything down on paper. First, I wrote out my business plan. Then I drew out all the ideas I had in my brain and then just made it happen in real life one step at a time. I began in November 2018 and the business opened in March 2019.

How did you become so passionate about doing makeup?
I have been dealing with anxiety and depression for most of my life. When I get makeup out and I’m able to create my anxiety is lifted. I hold onto creating through makeup because it is a way for me to release. And now I’m able to share that with everyone!

Obviously you need passion to be in that industry, but why are you so passionate about it? Do you have something that drew you to it?
I started doing makeup when I was in theatre. I loved to see people’s reactions to having their makeup done because it just makes everyone happy and makes them feel beautiful. Then I got into SFX makeup (like zombies and monsters) and it was just so fun to play and escape the real world for a while.

What is most fulfilling about being a small business owner?
Being able to share my talents with everyone and being able to make someone feel special and beautiful for big events in their lives.

What compelled you to open your own business?
Every summer I was out on the corner on the busy street slinging lemonade and snacks. I have always loved to make money for myself so I always knew I was meant to be an entrepreneur. When YouTube started to get really big, I started to notice that the vloggers in LA had so many fun places to visit with such cute backdrops for gorgeous pictures. I wanted to bring that vibe to Utah. I also wanted to provide a space for artists to practice their crafts, which is why I offer stations in my store to any freelancer. I’m just very passionate about spreading love and beauty to everyone.

What surprises have you experienced since opening your own business?
That just having doors open and a store isn’t going to bring crowds in. There is a lot of behind the scenes work going on to get people in the doors. But it is worth it to interact with customers!

What goals do you have as far as customer satisfaction?
I want everyone who walks in the door to feel loved and accepted and beautiful inside and out.

What it the most valuable information you have learned in this industry/as a business owner?
Work work work work work! There is more work than play in being an owner and I love it.

What services do you offer and how can people best get in touch with you?
In-store we sell makeup, skincare, accessories, and jewelry! Services we offer include makeup for weddings, events, photoshoots, or editorial fashion makeup. You can reach me by coming by my store at 676 E Union Square, Sandy Utah 84070 or by calling or texting 636-900-2319 or by email at breemaquillage@gmail.com