Cybersecurity and Why It’s Important

by admin Jul 10, 2018

Red Rock Technology Group provides IT services and support for businesses in a variety of industries, but primarily small businesses. We asked David Burton all about cybersecurity and why it’s important in this day and age.

Red Rock Technology Group offers a variety of services, what do you see business owners needing the most help with?

Education is the most important.  That is why we offer a free Dark Web report and a free Risk Assessment. Knowing where you stand and educating yourself about what you’re at risk for empowers you to make better decisions.

Why is the cybersecurity of a small business important?

SBMs are easy targets because of the dark web and hackers. Most breaches occur when an employee clicks on something they shouldn’t. You are always at risk for a breach, so you should always take the steps necessary to protect yourself.

What do most small businesses/individuals not know about cybersecurity?

There’s three things most businesses don’t know. One – most businesses don’t know the many risks involved with current threats. Every threat found should be taken seriously. Two – costs for Cybersecurity is actually affordable when business owners understand their risks. Three – most businesses do not recover after a breach occurs. It isn’t worth the risk to leave your risks alone.

Tell me about the dark web. What can people find on that?

Think of the dark web as a shopping site for cyber criminals. It is where your hacked credentials are bought and sold.

What is something basic a company can do to start protecting themselves?

No company is the same and every company should do a risk assessment. My biggest piece of advice is to not assume that you are safe if you have an anti-virus and a firewall. File-based AV are useless and a firewall with default settings are ineffective.

How do you think technology is changing businesses? Why is it important to keep up?

For cybersecurity, criminals are getting smarter. They are using enterprise tactics to breach SBMs. At Redrock Technology Group, we use technology to compete in today’s competitive world.

Are there risks that come with keeping up with technology?

Yes and no. I have seen many business owners that buy products and never configure it or keep it updated. They think they’re secure, but they’re not. It’s important to keep up on the technology that you have and get a risk assessment done.


If you are interested in having a risk assessment, call us today at 801.438.6690 or visit http://www.RedrockTechnologyGroup.com/.


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