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Excellence in the Community: Member Spotlight

Author: South Valley Chamber
Published: March 19, 2019

Imagine this – a musician performing in the streets of Paris praised by those who gather around to hear a beautiful guitar melody. Such is the experience and inspiration for the start of Excellence in the Community – a non-profit that puts on free concerts throughout Utah. Jeff Whitley is the Managing Director and the one who started it all. Whitley was once that performer in the streets of Paris and when he returned to the U.S. from his trip to Europe, he felt as though music was less appreciated in the U.S. This sparked the idea of holding a concert series to help bring the community together through music.

We sat down with Andrew Glanville, the Communications Director at Excellence to learn about all of the work that goes into this non-profit organization.

Since the organization’s launch in 2005, anyone living in Utah has been able to attend the concerts at various locations. In 2018, Excellence produced concerts in Fillmore, Duchesne, Price, Helper, Grantsville, Brigham City, Gunnison, Ogden, Provo, West Jordan, Holladay, and Salt Lake City. The most popular location is in the heart of Salt Lake City at the Gallivan Center, but concerts are heavily attended at all of the locations. Over the course of a year, Excellence will hold over 120 free concerts for the community to enjoy.

As part of the concerts, Excellence establishes a theme on a regular basis to help attendance increase. Last month February’s Black History Month was an excellent way to help raise awareness in the community. “Joshy Soul”, who played on February 20th, was a huge success for Excellence and a well-attended event.

Glanville said, “There was a very diverse audience and everyone was able to have a good time…it was a wonderful concert and I want every concert to be like that!”

During the month of March, Women’s month is the theme and Valaura Arnold Quintet kicked things off at the Gallivan Center on March 6th.

Alongside Jeff and Andrew, there are eight additional team members that help make this organization a success. Andrew says of Excellence, “I believe that I am doing a real good for the community…when we have a successful concert, it helps people’s lives even a tiny bit. I believe that music brings people together…I am so immensely grateful for the work I do.”

Excellence in the Community was also recently awarded “2018 Non-Profit of the Year” by Sandy City.

For more information on Excellence in the Community or for information on upcoming concerts and how to attend, visit: https://excellenceconcerts.org/

Article written by Nate Williams, an intern at the Sandy Area Chamber of Commerce