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Explore Peru: Member Spotlight

Author: South Valley Chamber
Published: July 9, 2019

To say “Experience of a Lifetime” fits the description well. If you’ve ever traveled far from home, you know firsthand that different countries carry a different culture. Along with that, finding a tour guide that speaks not only your language, but the native language can be a difficult task. Explore Peru is an organization established specifically with the intent to make your traveling experience easy. With hotel expenses, the cost of food, destination sites and the complete tour included in one price, Roy Benites makes exploring Peru the easiest way to go and the most exciting trip you’ll ever take.

Roy goes above and beyond expectations to make your experience perfect. He loves to get to know each individual in your group, even before the trip takes place and make sure that you are getting what you want out of this once in a lifetime opportunity. Not only that, but he makes sure that if you are the type of person that loves to go go go, that the trip fits your expectations and lifestyle, whereas if you would rather have some time in between to rest before the next big adventure, he is going to make that happen.

Explore Peru got started originally because a friend of Roy was discussing it with him. That friend said, “oh, will you take me?” and this brought about the idea that is now Explore Peru. The now offers seven different traveling packages and times to choose from throughout the year to help accommodate your schedule. Roy is also willing to work with you on any payment plan completely free of fees to make this opportunity work for you. A deposit shows your commitment, but if things don’t work out, Roy is understanding and will even refund your deposit.

Although Peru is most commonly known for being a hot spot for one of the wonders of the world – Machu Picchu –  there are many other elegant cities and destinations that make Peru the country to visit. Personally, if Roy gets to pick or suggest a destination, he loves to visit the jungle. He says that by seeing the animals and the outskirts of the cities, you gain a better understanding of Peru. Roy believes that getting to know the natives will help you to better appreciate Peru and what it has to offer.

“One thing that makes Peru unique is the people,” Roy says. “They make Peru a place that you will remember. They are welcoming. Happy, smiling. They will give you anything they have.”

Outside of Machu Picchu, people are often familiar with two of Peru’s largest cities, Cusco and Lima.

“Each trip is unique,” he says. “Each group gives me friends for the rest of my life. I gain more from doing trips than I ever thought possible. For me it is good to share my roots and who I am, where I came from and to show to the rest of the world that there is a place that is so beautiful because it is.”

What would you have against getting to know these cities on a deeper level and finding out more about Roy’s home and country? For more information about Explore Peru, pricing, dates, trip details and how you can enjoy this special experience for yourself, visit www.exploreperu.org or contact Roy directly at 801-703-1209.