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Gymcats Gymnastics: Becoming a Learner

Author: South Valley Chamber
Published: September 19, 2018

Michele Sauk is the owner at Gymcats at The Point Gymnastics in Lehi. She’s owned the gym since 2017 and is also a participant in the Sandy Chamber’s KeyBank Business Accelerator Academy.

Gymcats is a recreational-focused gym serving ages 2-18. Classes range from mom and me classes to recreational classes with cartwheels and round offs, to competitive levels where students compete in meets around the area.

We sat down with Michele to ask about her experience as a business owner and what she’s learned in the academy.

What inspired you to purchase Gymcats?
I purchased Gymcats because I love all sports. I love helping kids grow and overcome fears and I thought it was a good opportunity to create income for my family.

Which part of owning a business is the most fulfilling to you?
The most fulfilling part of owning a business for me is the coaching aspect of it and the growth I get out of it. There’s always a new challenge and there’s always a new experience and that excites me and keeps me motivated.

How has the Sandy Chamber’s KeyBank Business Accelerator Academy helped you think about your business?
The Business Accelerator Academy has helped me think about my business on a broader scale. It’s really easy to get caught up in the day to day minutia in a business. It’s helped me think not only about what’s going on day to day, but how do I think about this for next year, or three years, or five years, and having that really planned out.

What’s your biggest takeaway from owning a business so far?
My biggest takeaway is patience. There’s a lot of different challenges and things that will come up, and you have to be willing to adapt and change and be patient along the way.

Since going through the academy, what have you implemented in your business that you didn’t have before?
I have implemented a systematic marketing plan. Before there wasn’t any marketing or advertising that the gym was doing, but we now have a program that we do on a monthly basis that includes blogging, email, and advertising. It’s helped us continue to grow.

What’s the biggest thing you’ve learned since owning your own business?
It’s a lot of work. It takes a lot of mental energy and I think sometimes people going into it thinking it will be better than your day job or like the idea of being your own boss. The thing about owning a business is that when you turn off the lights and leave it doesn’t turn off the lights in your head. Finding the balance between that is something I work on regularly.

If you could describe your journey as a business owner in one word, what would it be and why?
My journey in one word right now is learning. I would define myself as a short-term business owner because I’ve had my business for a relatively short time, so every day has been a day of learning.

Do you have any advice for future business owners or someone who wants to open their own business?
My advice would be to know what you’re sacrificing. There’s always something you’re going to sacrifice when you choose to do something else. Know whether that’s time, money, energy, fitness etc. Know what you’re sacrificing when you make the decision to go into business ownership so when you’re there you can remember that you made that choice and to be happy with it.

Check out her video interview here.