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Matt Ledingham: The Perpetual Learner

Author: South Valley Chamber
Published: April 16, 2018

Matt Ledingham, from Ledingham Properties, is in the first cohort of the Business Accelerator Academy. We sat down with him to ask him about his story, what motivated him to seek out a solution to help him grow the business, and his biggest pieces of advice.

As Principal Broker, Matt Ledingham is one of six family members at Ledingham Properties – a residential property management company in Murray. Started by Matt’s mom in 2001, the company has grown to include his dad and three other siblings as well as one other full-time employee. Their growth strategy is aggressive as they are looking to add on four more full-time employees by the end of the year.

“I think we are all the right personality for it and it’s good for us. We get along really well and we keep family first and we all know that’s the most important thing in the business,” Matt said. “We don’t get in fights over it and manage to stay friends, and we try not to talk business too much at Sunday dinner.”

As Matt moves into more of a leadership role within the company, the Sandy Chamber’s Business Accelerator Academy seemed like a great fit for him in this stage of his career. As a perpetual learner, Matt is constantly seeking out ways to expand his knowledge.

“If you aren’t actively learning you’re falling behind,” he said. “The day-to-day stuff I know, but transitioning more to a leadership role requires switching gears. I’m reading more books about how to do that and the Business Accelerator Academy will give me the knowledge and skills to help manage the business and lead the people involved.”

The Sandy Chamber Business Accelerator Academy is in full swing and after the first class Matt told us how excited he was about the course.

“I really liked Ralph, our instructor, and the people in there and I felt like everyone in the class was approaching it with a very good attitude and are there for the right reasons,” Matt said. “They want to gain the knowledge and skills to take their business to the next level as well.”

Being a property management company, Ledingham Properties is in the business of referrals. Real estate agents often refer clients to them so he says it’s important to be as involved in the community as you can.

“Keep learning. Keep reading. Get involved with trade associations and resources for education and mentorship,” he said. “I have several mentors and trusted advisors that are people I take my questions, issues and concerns to.”

Matt believes in the power of learning together. Although competitors, Matt has connections to a variety of different people at property management companies.

“I talk with property managers all over the country pretty regularly,” he said. “There’s plenty of business to go around, so even though we’re competitors, we know each other through these trade associations and are able to call each other to ask for advice on situations.”

Ledingham Properties recently won the 2017 Independent Property Management Company of the Year, awarded by the Utah Apartment Association. If you’d like to learn more about the company or get in touch with Matt go to http://ledprop.com.