On The Fence? Here’s What Our Graduates Have To Say

by admin Nov 22, 2019

If you own a business, there is a 100% chance you are looking to grow said business. The South Valley Chamber offers a mini-MBA program (hosted at Salt Mine Productive Workspace) that has proven results that will help you do just that! This 13-week course will take you back to the classroom with a Harvard-grad instructor and Interise curriculum. By the time you end the course you will have a three-year growth plan and will be on par to grow your business by 29% the first year after graduation and 47% by year three. Sound good? Great. Still on the fence? No problem. See what our latest graduates have to say.

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Josh Stika from Integrity First Lending said, “Probably the best thing that’s come of the courses so far has been viewing my company more completely – being consistently cognizant of the mission and marketing and recruiting and financials. It’s made me realize that when you’re running the show there’s certain things you need to be watching and need to be cognizant of. So many of the lessons I’ve learned about building this business has been through expensive mistakes. It’s nice to get that overview and comprehensive information to build a company. The information is close together and learning it all in a short period of time makes me view growing a business differently. I’ve even thought to myself, ‘maybe I’ll go through it again.’ Both for the people I meet and for the things you don’t catch the first time.”

Leticia Morrill from Computer Hospital said, “I think one of the biggest things is now we have a plan where before we didn’t. Before we just kind of picked a number for what our goal was, but now we’re much more deliberate. We know exactly what it takes to break even, we know exactly what it takes to be profitable, and we didn’t have that knowledge before. We can break it down and know month over month and day to day how many people we need to serve and what our revenue goals need to be. With that alone we’ve seen about a 30% increase in our month over month sales just from last year.”

Meili Myles with BGR said, “The instructor, Ralph Little, makes sure that everyone chimes in and asks questions.  The CEO mentoring group we have every other week are also helpful because we’re in a group with different business backgrounds. In my group, there’s a very established business, there’s a new business, and there’s someone in the middle. It gives you a lot of ideas and out of the box ideas.”

Chris Holt from Campman.com said, “I get stuck in the grind like many business owners and I’m worried about which fire I need to put out today. Being part of the Business Accelerator Academy gets me outside of my business and helps me think about the future. I get to network with other business owners and we can come together and talk about what problems we’re facing. It allows us to strategize for the future.”

Fallan Keyser from Good Grammar Bar said, “Even though it’s always been a passion of mine to become an entrepreneur, I didn’t go to business school, so there were a lot of things I didn’t know going into it. The biggest takeaway from the academy so far has been the financials. I was doing QuickBooks but hadn’t ever pulled any reports to know where we were at. It’s been great to learn how those reports look to a banker. It gives me an idea on how we can grow in the future and where I need to be.”

What exactly will you do in this 13-week course? We’re glad you asked.

  • Develop a three-year strategic growth plan
  • Learn about financials and how they impact your business
  • Dive into marketing strategies/sales techniques
  • Analyze your business with an outsider’s perspective
  • Master your elevator pitch
  • Work with other CEO’s to brainstorm ideas and come up with solutions – in and out of class


Join the fourth cohort before it’s too late! Spots are filling up fast. All you need to do is click here, fill out the application, and our Program Director will contact you for an interview. Easy as 1,2,3.

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