Point of the Mountain Update

by admin Dec 12, 2017

On November 28th, we had the opportunity to invite chamber members and those throughout the community to listen to a Point of the Mountain update by Envision Utah. They described the potential plans for the area in five different scenarios. They are currently seeking the public’s opinion to help move forward with the right scenario for the area. The factors affected in the development include recreation, transportation, water and wildlife, air quality, entertainment, community design, jobs and economy, and prison redevelopment.

To give your input, please fill out the Point of the Mountain survey here. Read more below to learn more about the different scenarios and the timeline for development.

Content provided by The Point of the Mountain Development Commission.

The Point of the Mountain area, extending from Sandy to Lehi, is well situated to become an economic powerhouse for a growing high-tech economy. Already home to many high-tech firms, the area is located midway between the University of Utah and Brigham Young University and is surrounded by rapidly expanding housing for all pay scales. Significant potential also exists for outdoor recreation, with the Jordan River Parkway. With the right vision, this location could generate billions of dollars in economic growth for Utahns. In addition, if planned right, the Point of the Mountain area could encourage sustainable growth, reduce driving, and improve air quality.

Much of this potential exists even with the Utah State Prison in place, but the anticipated relocation of the prison opens land that could be used to catalyze the growth of the entire area, providing the site characteristics that will appeal to employers and employees. The value of the prison site is largely dependent on the economic success of the entire surrounding area, and the economic success of the surrounding area is dependent on a forward looking plan for the prison site.

The Point of the Mountain Development Commission has chosen Envision Utah to carry out the Point of the Mountain visioning process. This process will revolve around public input and collaboration and will be driven by research and careful analysis. Envision Utah’s team is comprised of some of the most experienced consultants in the country to tackle topics that will be key in the region’s development. The Commission and Envision Utah very excited to work with stakeholders and the community to ensure that the Point of the Mountain region reaches its full potential as a high-tech center while preserving the unique features that current residents love about the area.

The first phase of the project emphasized stakeholder input and public outreach to identify the existing assets, challenges, and opportunities in the Point of the Mountain region. This first phase included researching best practices utilized in tech centers across the world and compiled demographic, real estate, financial, and infrastructure data.

We are in the midst of the second phase, which is focused on scenario development and additional public and stakeholder outreach in order to determine which scenario best fits the region. This includes brainstorming workshops, cost and benefit evaluations, and the development of an overarching vision for the area.

The third phase will be focused on funding the implementation of the vision, breaking down the costs of implementing the vision and exploring public and private funding options for different aspects of the vision.

To take the survey and make sure your voice is heard, click here. To learn more visit https://pointofthemountainfuture.org/.

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