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Profile By Sanford – A New Approach To a Better You

Author: South Valley Chamber
Published: September 18, 2018

As life-long health and wellness advocates, Spencer and Joni Chipping saw the results of Profile by Sanford first-hand. They loved the food, knew it worked and together decided to pursue their passion for entrepreneurship and health. The couple and their business partners purchased the franchise rights to all of Utah one year ago and have opened three locations in the state, with plans to open more.

Profile by Sanford was built by physicians at Sanford Health and helps individuals change their lifestyles through coaching, meal plans, and technology. They don’t just want to help you lose weight, they educate you on how to fuel your body, help you figure out what type of activities you enjoy, and then how to combine both of those elements to make it part of your lifestyle.

“To take on something as big as losing weight, which is formed by health conditions and years of habits, you’re not only revamping the way someone is eating, you’re revamping their lifestyle,” Joni explained. “Sanford did a lot of research and found that meal replacements are much more sustainable long-term because it takes the guesswork out of meal planning.”

The company’s approach is a step-by-step and gradual process of healthy eating and lifestyle changes. Clients work with certified coaches to build a customized meal plan. They begin with adding a few meal replacements into their eating habits and as someone gets to a weight loss point, those meal replacements are slowly substituted out for healthy groceries, until eventually, you’re eating all healthy groceries.

“We don’t anticipate anyone to eat bars and shakes for life. But to get to the weight loss point, and to be educated on which healthy groceries to buy, we begin with meal replacements,” Spencer said.

Each coach at Profile by Sanford has a four-year degree in a wellness-related field and is flown to Sanford Health where they are giving a classroom training to become a coach. The company is inclusive to pre and post-natal moms, teens, and pre-existing conditions such as Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes. They also coach athletes through Profile Perform. A genetic test is also offered to each client to understand how their body metabolizes carbohydrates so that an individual plan can be created. The technology element of the plan includes a Smart Body scale (included with membership) that measures body fat percentage, water percentage, BMI, BMR, and bone density – which then uploads to your profile online that your coach can check.

“To see individuals who are going off of medications, and having their physicians ask what they’re doing is very gratifying,” Spencer said.

The pair notes that the most challenging part of any lifestyle change is recognizing that it isn’t just a fad or a diet – it’s a shift in your everyday life.

“Don’t be afraid, Joni said.” I think it can seem very daunting at times and I’m not discrediting that. A lot of people have tried a lot of things. It doesn’t have to be daunting or scary. Yes, making any change is hard at times, but it’s also going to be motivating and exciting as well. Don’t be afraid to try. You have nothing to lose.”

As far as their favorite products? Joni loves the chocolate marshmallow bar and Spencer loves their Profile Perform line.

Throughout the month of September, you can join Profile by Sanford for only $99 (a $300 value). Visit www.profileplan.com to learn more.