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The Sandy Area Chamber of Commerce has formed The Business Institute to help build the capacity of small to medium size businesses in the state. The Institute will host several different academies to provide a variety of training resources. Our signature program is the KeyBank Business Accelerator Academy.


Often times, when someone starts a business it’s tricky to figure out the nitty gritties of running it. This KeyBank Business Accelerator Academy will help applicants learn every aspect of running a business to help build the capacity for economic growth and shared prosperity.


The Academy utilizes Interise’s award-winning StreetWise MBA curriculum that has helped businesses since 2004 from all across the country increase their revenue and create jobs. The course is taught by Ralph Little, a Harvard MBA grad, consultant, and serial entrepreneur.


Seventy percent of businesses that have completed the program have increased annual revenue by 47%. In this academy you will:


  • Develop a three-year strategic growth plan
  • Learn about financials and how they impact your business
  • Dive into marketing strategies/sales techniques
  • Analyze your business with an outsider’s perspective
  • Master your elevator pitch
  • Network with other business owners around the state


Applicants will have 40 hours of in-class time and 12 hours of CEO Mentoring Groups. The overall program time is 92-100+ hours. All of these hours will be time invested in your own, already established business. It isn’t a “what-if” plan, it will be your actual business plan.

The Stats

  • Average job increase of 9.4% per year.
  • Average revenue growth of 7.5% per year.
  • On average, businesses to go through this program created jobs at 5x the annual rate of the private sector.


Don’t Take Our Word For It

“Everyone has the same problems whether you’re in the outdoor business or the printing business or the engineering business – we all as small business owners have similar issues. A program like the KeyBank Business Accelerator Academy brings together people who might not normally interact with each other. I get to network with other business owners and we can come together and talk about what problems we’re facing. It allows us to strategize for the future.” – Chris Holt, CEO of Campman


“The biggest takeaway from the academy so far has been the financials. I was doing QuickBooks but hadn’t ever pulled any reports to know where we were at. It’s been great to learn how those reports look to a banker. It gives me an idea on how we can grow in the future and where I need to be.” – Fallan Keyser, Owner of Good Grammar Bar


“The Sandy Chamber’s KeyBank Business Accelerator Academy has helped me think about my business on a broader scale. It’s really easy to get caught up in the day to day minutia in a business. It’s helped me think not only about what’s going on day to day, but how do I think about this for next year, or three years, or five years, and having that really planned out.” – Michele Sauk, Owner of Gymcats at the Point Gymnastics