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Three Bills to Watch

Author: South Valley Chamber
Published: February 6, 2018

SB 104 Talent Development Retention Strategy

Chief Sponsor: Senator Ann Millner

This bill creates a Talent Development Incentive Loan program for Utah’s college students. The program will help to recruit and train individuals to work in certain high-wage, high-demand jobs in the state. GOED will determine the five jobs and associated degrees that will qualify for the loan program every other year and report that to the Board of Regents. This is an innovative talent development and retention strategy that focuses on empowering and incentivizing students to enroll in degree programs for high-demand, high-wage jobs, and remain in the state after graduation.

Bill Text

SB 136 Transportation Governance Amendments
Chief Sponsor: Senator Wayne Harper

A sweeping transportation bill that overhauls how the Utah Transit Authority is run and boosts taxes and fees to better fund transportation.

Bill Text

HB 278 Paid Family and Medical Leave Tax Credit
Chief Sponsor: Representative Becky Edwards

This bill creates a tax credit for employers offering paid family and medical leave.

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