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Weekly Round-up: Articles That Inspired

Author: South Valley Chamber
Published: June 26, 2018

In our weekly perusing, we found a few articles that really stood out to us.

22 Books Anyone Who Wants to Succeed Should Read

Summary: People who achieve the most in life are keen on self-improvement, which is why they’re also often voracious readers. Here are some excellent titles to check out, recommended by nearly two dozen successful executives.

Our Take: There are 22 books in this list that are guaranteed to inspire you. The books range from well-known books to books we had never heard of. We’re already adding these to our list and are ready to be inspired right alongside you.

Read it here.

Even the most successful entrepreneurs aren’t always completely sure what they’re doing, and that’s a good thing

Summary: Kathryn Minshew, Founder and CEO of job-search and career-advice platform The Muse, used to think all entrepreneurs were magicians who knew all of the answers. Reality hit and she realized that no one had the right answer and she had to make decisions on her own.

Our Take: Every entrepreneur has probably felt some level of self-doubt. It’s great to know that you’re in good company. Your job is to hustle and find answers or solutions to things that people need.

Read it here. 


Welcome Wagon: How One Company’s Attention To New Employees Translates To Success

Summary: Utah’s very own Simplus will fly each new employee out to the Salt Lake City headquarters for a “Welcome Week.” They are very careful to not call it onboarding or training because that’s not what it is. It’s all about getting to know each other and investing in the culture of the company. This translates to trust and engagement and helps employees be more engaged, happier, and retained longer.

Our Take: You may not have the resources to fly each employee out, but it’s important to invest in the culture of your company. If you make employees feel like they are in a trusting environment, they will stay longer. This could look like a variety of activities – from team building to incentives to great conversations. The important thing is that you are paying attention to your most important assets.

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