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by admin Jul 10, 2018

We rounded up three articles that we loved from the last week. Check them out and get informed.

  1. Utah Business Magazine: Manufacturing Is Not Dead
  2. Forbes Magazine: How the Changing Business World has Impacted IT
  3. U.S. Chamber of Commerce: Workers, Farmers, Families, and Business are All Losers in a Trade War

Manufacturing Is Not Dead


Summary: “Manufacturing in the state of Utah is more than a $20 billion a year industry,” says Todd Bingham, President and CEO of Utah Manufacturers Association. “There are manufacturing companies in nearly every sector imaginable in the state. They are the single largest payroll in the state with the exception of government. They have driven the economy for many, many years and as manufacturing as a sector continues to grow they will only increase in impact on the state’s overall economy.”

Our Take: Utah is the PLACE. This articles confirms that as more and more people recognize how friendly the Utah business environment is, more industries will begin to move here. Utah is becoming a major player in the business world and will continue to grow and succeed.

Read it here.

How The Changing Business World Has Impacted IT


Summary: Today’s IT department doesn’t look like it used to. Triggered by simultaneous shifts in the business world, everything has changed: the work, the methods and the speed. Here, we look at four recent business shifts and how they have impacted IT.

Our Take: Whether we like it or not, technology is a part of every business. The more technologically advanced a company is, the more it grows and the more it succeeds. The key for businesses is to be flexible to change, especially within an IT department.

Read it here.

Workers, Farmers, Families, and Business are All Losers in a Trade War


Summary: This article explores which countries account for the largest share of U.S. exports hit with tariffs, which states have taken the biggest hits, politically targeted tariffs, and exports in Trump states.

Our Take: If we continue to move down this road, it’s looking like consumers will pay more for goods and businesses will have a tougher time exporting their products to world markets. It’s a great idea to become involved and tell your members of Congress to oppose these tariffs.

Read it here.

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